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Once you have selected your date, a list of available rental units will display below the calendar.  You can then select whichever unit appeals to you.


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Part Week bookings are allowed only during the off-season months (October through April).
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If you have any questions regarding pricing, availability or any other general questions, please use our Questions and Inquiries Form.

You may search for units available for a specified time period by clicking on the calendar above.

  • Weekly rentals are from Saturday-Saturday.
  • Monthly rentals are available September-May, and the start day is negotiable.

To find out which units that are available for a specified time period, you first click the "1 Week", "2 Weeks", "3 weeks", or the "Monthly" button on the calendar. You then click the date on the calendar that you want to check. If you have "1 Week", "2 Weeks", or "3 Weeks" checked the rental period will be assumed to be the Saturday before the date you click (or the Saturday that you click). If the "Monthly" button is clicked the date you click will be assumed to be the first day of the rental period. A list of units available for the period you specified will then be displayed.

General Unit Descriptions and Photos

All fully furnished condominiums are 1,000 square feet with a living room, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, a primary bedroom with en-suite bath, a second bedroom and bath, and ample closet space.  Beautiful, expansive views of the ocean are available from the living room, the primary bedroom, and the private balcony off of the living room. All units are equipped with air conditioning, heat, cable TV, and WiFi. There is a laundry room on each floor.  All rental units are individually owned and custom designed.  A standard unit floor plan is shown to the right. Please click the "Images and Information for All Units" button to the right to view pictures and details of all units.

Individual Units by Floor
4th Floor
5th Floor
7th Floor
8th Floor
9th Floor
12th Floor